Casanova di Neri


Founded in 1971 by Giovanni Neri who with his great vision and passion understood the huge potential of wine in the Montalcino territory, it was passed on to his son Giacomo in 1991.

Casanova di Neri does in fact stands for the Casanova Estate of the Neri Family.

The production started in the Eastern part of Montalcino and was extended later in other areas. First came the Cerretalto vineyard, a unique terroir in a natural amphitheatre over the Asso river in which the old vines produced a Sangiovese different from the others, with small bunches of well distanced grapes, from which a selective variety was grown that was used in out other vineyards particularly in Tenuta Nuova.

The acquisition of Cerretalto was followed by that of Le Cetine, Pietradonice and then Podernovo. All this by researching the best soil and exposures so as to produce unique and recognizable wines.

The first Brunello harvest was 1978. This was followed by Cerretalto 1981, Rosso di Montalcino 1982, Tenuta Nuova 1993, Pietradonice 2000, IrRosso di Casanova di Neri and the last one Ibbianco 2011. In the course of our small yet at the same time great history the winery have received awards from the most important reviews and opinion leaders of national and international wine critics.

Currently the estate covers a surface of around 500 hectares of which 63 are vineyards, 20 olive groves and the rest arable land and forest.

Giacomo Neri believes that wines are the fruit of the vineyard and of man’s labour.

The care and passion in working the land has to take into account the characteristics of the land, the microclimate and the variety so as to produce a unique distinct wine able to express its territory. For over forty years their evolution has been marked by careful targeted choices that have distinguished our estate and the wines we produce creating their own style.

A constant search for particular soils that exalt the quality and uniqueness of our wines and farming practices that respect the land and the vines are followed by attentive care in the making of the wine. Casanova di Neri’s wines are the fruit of exceptional combinations of soils and microclimates together with passionate and meticulous work enabling the family to obtain constant results and to enhance the distinct features of the grapes throughout the different vintages.