Domaine du Pegau


It’s almost impossible to find a more traditional wine estate than Domaine du Pegau, where the Feraud family produce wines of enormous character, power and structure.

The Ferauds family have lived in the region since 1670, yet it was only in 1987, the year that Laurance Feraud joined her father Paul, that the estate Domaine du Pegau was formally established.

The estate, enlarged several times ever since, is composed of parcels on well-exposed hillsides facing east-south-east. The soil is predominantly clay and limestone, covered with “galets roules” which give out the night heat they have accumulated during the day and also prevent evaporation of the water in the soil. All 13 different permitted varieties are planted. The average age of vines is over 50 years.

Viticultural practices are firmly oriented towards maintaining healthy soils and yield is restricted to no more than 25-30 hl/ha.

The vinification is a traditional one. The black varieties are left on their stalks and crushed, then fermented and macerated for 15 days with two remontages per day for extraction of color, tannin and aroma, and finally transferred into foundres for between 18 months and 5 years. White grapes have a 24 hours skin maceration followed by vinification in 5 years old Meursault barrels, with maturation on their lees.