Domaine Michel & Stephane Ogier


Michel Ogier did not start making wine before 1982. Before that time he was selling his entire crop to Chapoutier and Guigal. By 1987 all wines were made and bottled by the domaine.

This small fine domaine is run by Michel’s son, Stephane Ogier, who was born in 1977 – one of youngest wine makers in Cote Rotie. He started working in the domaine alongside his dad in 1998. Since he took over from his dad Michel in 2000 after 5 years of studies in Beaune and a stage in South Africa, a lot of energy was added into the domaine. While he gained experience and knowledge of the various parcels owned by the family, he focused on enlarging the vineyard holdings and building a new cellar. The wine making techniques were intensified in order to gain more richness. 80% of the fruit is destalked, fermentation in stainless steel extends to 3-4 weeks at maximum temperature of 29 degrees centigrade and the more tannic appellations are aged in new oak. Since 2003 a new temperature-controlled cellar is in place and there is expanded barrel space. Fruit from all the plots is vinified separately so each terroir can be identified and respected.

Shortly after taking over, Stephane started to introduce new luxury Cuvees and over the last decade he developed his own style, which makes great, highly rated sought after wines and consistently fine wines vintage after vintage.

The most famous wine of the domaine was introduced in 1997 – the Cote-Rotie “Cuvee Belle Helene”, from the Cote-Rozier vineyard. This wine pays homage to Stephane’s mom, who leads the spirit of the family. This wine is made of 100% Syrah and is aged for 30 months in new oak. Max 2,100 bottles are made annually, and only in good years. Among the other wines are a classic Cote-Rotie, Cote-Rotie Lancement “Terroir de Blonde” and Cote-Rotie “les Embruns”.