Domaine Alain Hudelot-Noëllat


Domaine Hudelot-Noëllat wines have been amongst the best in Burgundy for generations.

The domaine was run by Alain Hudelot-Noëllat for over 30 years until 2007, when Alain turned 67 In 2008 he stepped down when his grandson, Charles van Canneyt completed his formal wine studies in Dijon University and the following stage and took over the domaine. Since 2005 Alain has been helped by Vincent Meunier, who continues to work with Charles.

It turned out that this fantastic domaine further excelled from being one of the best in the entire Cote d’Or to the highest level, with its top wines – Richebourg, Romanée st Vivant, Vosne Romanée les Malconsorts, Les Beaumonts and Les Suchots gaining the status of amongst the best in their appellation, both by wine critics and Burgundy enthusiasts around the world.

The Romanée St Vivant wines were planted in 1920, and most other crus including Richebourg were planted between 1920-1950.

As common among the young, top new generation wine makers in Burgundy these days, no work is spared in the vineyards. The philosophy of having healthy vines to lead to healthy grapes in order to make better wines is carefully followed.

During vintage, careful sorting is done in the vineyards followed by detailed further sorting in the winery before the juice is carefully brought into the concrete enameled fermentation tanks. Charles’s philosophy is to keep up to 20% of the stems with the juice, especially in vintages and appellations where the fruit can support the extra tannins. The wines are aged in casks particularly from Allier, with some from the Vosges and local Citeaux.

Hudelot-Noëllat Richebourg and Romanée st Vivant represent the summit of Charles’ considerable achievements and follow, though in a more complex and powerful manner, the general Hudelot-Noëllat line.

Although the 93 year old vines in Romanée st Vivant give it an extra dimension of depth, neither wine is overbalanced by clumsy fruit, which might threaten the underlying finesse. The Richebourg is altogether bigger than the Romanée st Vivant, with great power and majestic depth. The Romanée st Vivant, in contrast, has more obvious refinement and elegance yet with underlying, restrained power.

Hudelot – Noëllat Clos de Vogeot is one of the best from this variable Grand Cru. The quality of this wine improved significantly after the Alain sold its lower parcel which was located at the lower slope of the vineyard near the RN 74, thus reducing its total production by 40% but remaining only with the two parcels near the Chateau, neighboring Domaine Leroy’s parcel.

The Premiere Crus, Vosne Romanée Les Beaumonts, Les Suchots and Malconsorts all consist of almost 100 year old vines and produce the finest examples of these fine terroirs.

Year of Planting
Clos de Vougeot GC 0.69 1950
Richebourg GC 0.28 1950
Romanée-St-Vivant GC 0.48 1920
Chambolle-Musigny PC Les Charmes 0.21 1955
Nuits-St-Georges PC Les Murgers 0.68 1985
Vosne-Romanée PC Les Beaumonts 0.32 1920
Vosne-Romanée PC Les Malconsorts 0.14 1950
Vosne-Romanée PC Les Suchots 0.45 1920
Vougeot PC Les Petits Vougeots 0.53 1970
Chambolle-Musigny V 1.85 1955
Nuits-St-Georges V Les Bas de Combes 0.21 1985
Vosne-Romanée V 0.77 1982
Total 6.61
Clos de Vougeot