Domaine Jean-Luc Jamet, Cuvée Pirate


The story of Jean-Luc Jamet Cuvée Pirate started with the creation of Cote Rotie Terrasses in 2014.

After the 2014 vintage, Jean Luc started various experiments searching for the ultimate blend of vineyards (with high percentage of his La Landonne holding) to create the best wine he can from all his vineyard holdings. Only in the 2016 vintage, which is an excellent vintage, he felt he found the ultimate combination.  Two years later and after many tastings, he decided to bottle and release — for the first time, of his top cuvée and named it Cuvée Pirate.  Only 480 bottles were made, and the wine is distributed exclusively by PoB (a small part of the production will be kept in the domaine for future reference and professional tastings).

**There was no production of Cuvée Pirate in the 2017 vintage.