Domaine Lafarge

Côte de Beaune

Domaine Lafarge was run for the last 60 years by the legendary Michel Lafarge (now in his late 80s), and nowadays is run by his son Frédéric assisted by his wife Chantal. This domaine is famous for producing some of the greatest traditional Volnays, from biodynamic farmed vineyards.

The domaine consists of over 11.6 hectares under vine, most of them in Volnay and Beaune, including a 0.9 hectares holding of Clos des Chênes and many top 1er cru vineyards in the appellation.

The vinification is traditional with 100% destemed grapes, and the elevage is done using very low percentage of new oak (around 5%) and are famous for their great transparency of their respective teroirs.

Year of Planting
Beaune PC Les Aigrots (Blanc) 0.23 30
Beaune PC Les Aigrots (Rouge) 0.66 44
Beaune PC Les Grèves 0.38 84
Pommard PC Les Pézerolles 0.14 61
Volnay PC 0.30 34
Volnay PC Les Caillerets 0.28 51
Volnay PC Clos du Château des Ducs 0.57 42
Volnay PC Clos des Chênes 0.90 53
Volnay PC Les Mitans 0.39 49
Meursault V 1.03 50
Volnay V 2.62 45
Bourgogne Aligoté R 1.13 55
Bourgogne Passetoutgrains R 1.56 60
Bourgogne Pinot Noir R 1.22 40
Côte de Beaune R 0.27 30
Total 11.68