Vignoble Jean-Luc Jamet


Jean-Luc is the brother of Jean-Paul Jamet. Till the 2012 vintage they were the co-owners of Domaine Jamet (Jean-Luc was in charge of the vineyards work and the wine making, while Jean Paul was in charge of the marketing Domaine Jamet’s wines). In 2013, they separated their ways: the vineyards’ holdings were split between them and Jean-Luc established Domaine Jean-Luc Jamet. The flagship domaine’s wine, Côte Rôtie Les Terrasses is made from the same vines that went into Domaine Jamet’s Côte Rôtie.

Jean-Luc Jamet’s wines are pure and stunning, and represent a great value for their qualities. John Livingston-Learmonth, arguably the world’s authority on Rhône valley wines, has earmarked Jean-Luc for greatness, awarding his 2016 with 5 out of 5 stars.