Domaine Hubert Lignier Clos de la Roche MCMLV


Cuvée Hommage

The Clos de la Roche MCMLV Grand Cru is from a parcel located on Monts Luisants, planted by Laurent’s grandfather Henri Lignier in 1955.

The plants were selected out of the best vines stocks of the domaine, prepared and grafted by Henry Lignier, planted at density of 11,000 vines/hectare.

The parcel, 0,25 hectare in size, is producing essentially very small sized “millerandes” grapes. The thick skins of the berries provide a deep and concentrated juice.

The production is usually around 15 to 25 hectoliters per hectare depending on the year. The very stony soil on the surface hides a pearly, rocky, cracked slab, letting the vines roots and rootlets infiltrate. The upper part of the vineyard is surrounded by a thick limestone low wall, few bushes and shrubs, offering an interesting biodiversity to the area. The biodynamic culture completes the natural and authentic expression of the mineral climat.

The wine is vinified traditionally, with 30% of whole bunches in stainless steel vat during 20 days, and only indigenous yeasts. Then it is transferred to barrique to be maturated on its lees for 21 months. Racked and bottled by gravity, without filtration nor fining, it is presented in a ‘tradition” bottle, dressed up with a label created by the artist Joyce Delimata, waxed by hand to give it authenticity and allow a better maturation.

The texture of this CLos de la Roche is remarkable, combining freshness of the climat, intensity and purity of the ripe fruit, velvet tannins and an incredible long finish on a saline touch, reminding its limestone terroir.

The wine was first produced in the 2017 Vintage (433 bottles made).