Las Molinas Viñas Viejisimas 1897

  • Palo Blanco Las Molinas Viñas viejísimas (Oldest parcels vines).

Ungrafted Listan blanco planted 130 years old (some of the vines are over 200 years old).

The vines are trained in Cordon Trenzado (Braids). It’s the ONLY place on earth where this kind of training exists. Meaning, each row across the vineyard consists of one mother vine only. The bedrock here is classic black basalt. Large boulders and basaltic bedrock pop out in the center of the vineyard. The soil is very shallow and rocky. It is dark redish brown in color and rich in clay. Somehow the roots mange to get through the bedrock to depth of over 3 meters.

Pedreira Viñas Viejisimas 1914

  • Pedreira oldest vineyard. Vines planted in 1914 (110 year old vines).

Field mix of Mencia , Brancellao, Merenzao, Mouratón, Alicante and more
local varieties. Very rocky, quartz rich soil, with sparkly stones spread between the old vines.