Cellier Saint Benoit

Arbois Pupillin

Benjamin Benoit is the 4th generation of his family at the domaine.  Starting in 2014 he worked and practiced with few of Burgundy’s most acclaimed growers: First with Charles Lachaux, and later with Amelie Berthaut and Nicolas Faure.

After he graduated his viticulture and enology studies in Beaune he planned to return to the domaine starting with the 2020 vintage, but due to the sudden death of his father in 2019 he had to change his plans accordingly and returned to the domaine a year earlier. The 2019 vintage was his first, but he only made wines from 2 ha of the domaines vineyards. 2020 was his first year where his could fully apply his own philosophy of how he wanted to manage his vineyards.

The 6.25 ha domaine’s vineyards in the village of Pupillin are planted with Chardonnay, Savagnin, Pinot Noir, Ploussard and Trousseau. But unlike the common wine making practices in the region (where grapes from few parcels are combined to produce a single cuvee of each variety), Benjamin decided to make and bottle his lieux dits separately, resulting in creation of even higher definition of each terroir through single vineyard wines philosophy.

His wine making technics is using the same practices as of Pierre Overnoy. The ploussards are destemmed using perforated wooden board against which the bunches are gently hand rubbed resulting in destemming of whole grapes, and the Trousseau and Pinot Noir are vinified with100% whole clusters. The whites are pressed with whole clusters and aging is done in older barrels. The use of sulfur is very minimal and in some of the cuvees fermentation is done without adding sulfur at all.

The resulting wines are terroir driven, pure and beautiful.