Domaine Tessier

Côte de Beaune

Arnaud Tessier took over the Meursault family domaine in 2006 at the age of 22 years due to his father’s sudden death.

The vineyards work was not new to him, as he started working in the domaine together with his father since he was 14 years old. Since the very beginning, Arnaud realized the great potential of the array of 7.5 hactares of stunning vineyards he got under his hands, which are spread over some of Meursault’s finest appellations.

Like many young winemakers of his generation, his philosophy is that the majority of the wine making process is done in the vineyards. The viticulture is organic, and yields are controlled by removal of excess flower buds during the flowering season.

It’s hard to find Arnaud while visiting the domaine – as he spends most of the time working in the vineyards. And indeed, Tessier’s vineyards are famous for their status due to the extreme amount of works invested in them.

To complement the Tessier’s team, he is helped at the domaine by his wife Catherine, who brought to the domaine her own experience and skils, result of working for other important domaines both in Burgundy and abroad.

Arnaud has a clear vision of his wines, and the results are pure, exotic and elegant wines, which are easily recognized as great examples of their respective terroirs. The quality of the wines improve year after year, and Tessier’s wines are already considered amongst the finest of the appelation.

As this is a small domaine, Arnaud invest in new equipment little by little. Over the last few years new press and fermenting tanks where installed, and more modern equipment will be purchased over the next few years.

This is another great example of the young generation shift over the last decade in many Burgundy domaines.

Year of Planting
Meursault PC Les Genevrières 0.32 2000
Meursault PC Les Genevrières 0.32 2000
Meursault PC Poruzot Dessus 0.56 1950
Meursault PC Charmes Dessus 0.32 1948
Meursault V Casse Tete 0.48 1984
Meursault V Les Grands Charrons