Elian Da Ros

Côtes du Marmandais

Historically, the region around Marmandais has been more famous for its tomatoes than for wines.

In the shadow of its prestigious Bordeaux neighbor, the Marmandais vineyards had never produced any major wines until 1998. Then, a local guy, Elian Da Ros returned to Cocumont after spending 5 years working for the famous Alsatian winemaker Zind-Humbrecht – determined to produce world class wines from this unique terroir. He constructed a simple winery and took the daring step of being the first winemaker to produce and bottle his own wines under the Cotes Du Marmandais appellation.

Eighteen years later, we can say that his challenge has been accomplished.
The wines are “tour de force” of delicious drinkability.

Elian Da Ros produces wines that are outclassing most of the Médoc Grand Crus. Wines like his outstanding single vineyard Clos Baquey 2010 prove that, with the right Terroir and a in the hands of a talented winemaker, one can produce great wines in the South West of France elsewhere than Bordeaux.