Emidio Pepe


Emidio Pepe estate is located in the town of Torano Nuovo in Abruzzo. The family started making wines almost 150 years ago, and virtually nothing have changed here since Emidio took over in 1964. Now the estate is run by the 5thgeneration. It produces two wines – Trebiano (white) and Montepulciano (red) from estate biodynamically grown grapes. Wine making is very traditional, the wines are aged for 18-24 months in glass lined tanks and no solphites are being used. Both wines show unique expression of the region, and are known to be age worthy. The estate is famous for the special protocol of releasing the long aged wines: Every bottle that are release from cellar which has more than 10 years of age gets hand decanted to remove sediments, that naturally occur because the wine has never been filtered, allowing the winery to check and control every single bottle and put a new cork on it. On the new cork the year of the decantation is engraved. Example: if the estate releases this year a bottle of 2001, the cork will have marked 2018 as it has been decanted and checked at the winery in 2018.