There is no other producer in Northern Italy who follows Burgundy’s traditions and philosophy as Luca Roagna. From the hierarchy of the single vineyards which are all     bottled separately since 2004 (The Luca Change), to the exceptional vineyard work, harvest and wine making, Roagna’s wines have a pure expression of Nebbiolo and the different terroirs.

The Roagna family has been farming their land and producing wines in Barbaresco since 1800. They are considered as the most important family in the Barbaresco region historically. The estate contains 15 hectares in some of the most historic vineyards in Barbaresco including Pajé and Asili.  The vineyards have been farmed naturally since the very beginning. The family believes in the concept of treating the vineyard as a forest and they allow over 300 different types of grass to grow between the vines together with an assortment of animals that roam through the vineyard to feed naturally. Between 45 and 120 days of skin maceration and long aging of 5 years in Big Slovenian oak barrels for most of the range and 8 years for the great Crichet Paje, from the classic local barrel producer Garbellotto, are giving the wines finesse, silkiness in the tannin structure and drinkability that we usually find only in Burgundy wines without taking the ability of Nebbiolo long aging potential.

Luca, currently representing the 5th generation of winemakers, is taking the estate from strength to strength. He works with the utmost respect for his land: old vines, massale selection, and promotion of biodiversity are all at the core of his approach in the vineyards. In the winery, long aging, wild yeast, and long macerations assure that the essence of his terroir is expressed in the bottle.