Bruno Giacosa


The knowledge, passion and wisdom that Bruno Giacosa brings to his work as producer of fine wines is the fruit of the dedication of three generations of wine makers.

The family interest in vine cultivation began during the constant search for the best vineyards from which to buy the grapes necessary for wine making. The next step, naturally, was to acquire some of the same vineyards for the family business – and the one after that, to specialize in the Nebbiolo grape and the great wines made from it.

Giacosa always produce single-variety wines. Giacosa believes that technology and tradition do not need to be at odds with each other. The red wines ferment inb steel and are kept in wood for 3-4 months (Dolcetto), 6-12 months (Barbera d’Alba and Nebbiolo d’Alba), 18-30 months (Barbaresco) or 24-36 months (Barolo). They are then bottled without being filtered.

The Annual production of Giacosa wines is as follows:

  • Barbaresco Gallina: 8-10,000 bottles
  • Barbaresco Santo Stefano: 10-14,000 bottles
  • Barbaresco Asili: 10-14,000 bottles
  • Barbaresco Rabaja: 6-8,000 bottles
  • Barolo Falleto: 15-20,000 bottles
  • Barolo Le Rocche del Falleto: 10-15,000 bottles