Domaine Jean Grivot

Côte de Nuits

Domaine Jean Grivot’s history tracks back to the French Revolution, when the Grivot family started their move from the Jura to Vosne-Romanée, although their origins goes back to Italy’s Val d’Aosta.

Jean Grivot took over after his dad’s death in 1955, and since 1959 all the domaine’s wines were estate bottled. Ever since, the domaine gained exceptional reputation for both the quality of the wines and the transparency of the respective terroirs.

In 1982 Jean’s son Etienne joined him, after completing his formal Aenologie studies in Beaune and stage both in France and California. Gradually, responsibilities were transferred to Etienne, and since 1987 he was in charge of both the vineyards and cellars.

The domaine is going through an exciting phase as responsibility transferred from the hands of Etienne to the talented, educated and passionate hands of his daughter Mathilde, who brings a fresh approach to this fine domaine while keeping the long time tradition of the Grivot family. The process of “generational change” in Domaine Grivot has been extremely smooth and very successful. The winery and cellars have just completed a massive reconstruction, bringing it to top modern standards.

Mathilde and Etienne believe in getting quality first thanks to meticulous vineyard work throughout the year. The result of this hard work is healthy, ripe (both phenolic and sugar levels) and depth of concentration and flavor of the fruit. The wine-making technique is classic modern. The fruit is completely destemmed. A 5 to 7 days of pre- fermentation maceration at 12-15 degrees is applied, and after about 3 weeks the wines are transferred to casks. About 40% of the barrels being used are new.

Over the last decade, Domaine Grivot is considered one of the top and most consistent names in Vosne-Romanée.

Year of Planting
Clos de Vougeot GC 1.86 1964
Echézeaux GC 0.84 1954
Richebourg GC 0.31 1949
Nuits-St-Georges PC Aux Boudots 0.84 1934
Nuits-St-Georges PC Les Pruliers 0.76 1969
Nuits-St-Georges PC Les Roncières 0.50 1959
Vosne-Romanée PC Les Beaux Monts 0.93 1964
Vosne-Romanée PC Aux Brûlées 0.26 1969
Vosne-Romanée PC Les Chaumes 0.15 1969
Vosne-Romanée PC Aux Reignots 0.07 1954
Vosne-Romanée PC Les Rouges 0.33 1969
Vosne-Romanée PC Les Suchots 0.21 1954
Chambolle-Musigny V La Combe D'Orveau 0.62 1969
Nuits-St-Georges V Les Charmois 0.52 1974
Nuits-St-Georges V Aux Lavières 0.62 1974
Vosne-Romanée V 2.77 1964
Vosne-Romanée V Bossières 0.73 1959
Total 12.32
Clos de Vougeot